Why Are Mexican Cartels Buying Weapons In The U.S.? Why Hasn’t The Border Been Secured?

NBC reports that Federal officials are discovering new evidence that Mexican drug cartels are exploiting U.S. gun laws to acquire massive quantities of assault weapons to use against the Mexican government. Is this going to be a reason to restrict American’s Second Amendment rights? Should Americans be asking what is the Federal government doing to secure the border to keep Mexican cartels and drugs out of the U.S. and weapons from crossing the border to Mexico? Does the Federal government have any responsibility in allowing this condition to exist?

NBC News: U.S.: Gun raids show cartels at work in Arizona
‘Straw buyers’ amass hundreds of assault rifles, federal officials say

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Announces Demand for Letters for Multiple Sales of Specific Long Guns in Four Border States
“As many of you already know, the goals of ATF’s Southwest border firearms trafficking strategy are:
• To prevent violent crime;
• Ensure the safety of the communities and law enforcement situated along the Southwest Border;
• And to disrupt and dismantle the firearms trafficking networks responsible for the diversion of firearms from lawful commerce into the hands of the Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs)”

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