Arizona gov. vetoes presidential birther bill

Arizona gov. vetoes presidential birther bill – Politics – msnbc.com.

As Jan Brewer points out as one of the reasons she does not endorse the “birther” bill, it is not a good precedent for a single person to vet presidential candidates, at the state or federal level.

To prevent this presidential eligibility confusion in the future shouldn’t there be a gateway in the federal election process to ask all presidential candidates for documentation to prove they are eligible? Why there isn’t such a process is surprising. No one in this nation can apply for high security job positions without a thorough background check. Obama may have been born in Hawaii (possibly with dual citizenship), why wasn’t there a step in the election process to analyze such? The media unofficially but thoroughly vetted McCain’s eligibility as he was born on a military base in the Panama Canal.

As a nation we’re running our elections a bit shoddily, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. All candidates of all political parties should be properly vetted officially. That’s not too much to ask of ourselves.

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