The Unvarnished Truth about Un-American TSA

America pay attention – the most successful change and conditioning takes place incrementally. Gene Healy vice president at the Cato Institute offers a good analysis of the conditioning taking place in America as millions of people are methodically subjected to the pat-downs and controls of TSA. The Spirit of American Exceptionalism is being slowly eroded on many fronts.

The Unvarnished Truth about Un-American TSA | Gene Healy | Cato Institute: Commentary.

by Gene Healy.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about “American Exceptionalism,” and whether President Obama understands what makes America stand out among the family of nations. I’ve always thought that what makes Americans exceptional is our ornery resistance to being bossed around. But how long can that spirit survive the demands of modern “homeland security”? We’re building a country where you’re expected to stand by placidly while agents of the state run their rubber gloves under your innocent 6-year-old daughter’s waistband.

In the 1992 film adaptation of Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper’s novel about the Seven Years War, there’s an exchange that illustrates American Exceptionalism at its best. An effete British officer berates the rough-hewn colonial “Hawkeye”: “You call yourself a loyal subject to the Crown?”

“Don’t call myself ‘subject’ to much at all,” Hawkeye replies.

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