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True stories of the Right and Benefit to Keep and Bear Arms for self-defense. Stand And Deliver.
Americans are rarely held up on roads and byways by bandits and highwaymen as in yesteryear. But thousands of peaceful citizens are still today assailed in their homes by robbers and the desperate. There are countless, generally untold stories of people successfully defending themselves with their own arms, as was intended by the nation’s founders. Crime rates are lower where citizens are able to protect themselves, and criminals know it.
….“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”
George Washington

Armed Citizen – NRA Official Journal – Columns And Reports

Pike County, Ohio, prosecutor Rob Junk made it easy for a journalist investigating a burglary. In fact, the entire story was essentially one long quote from the prosecutor. “[The armed citizen] was in his home, minding his own business, when these two individuals busted in, at least one of them armed,” Junk said…..(Portsmouth Daily Times, Portsmouth, OH, 02/15/11)

Though Rocco Bombara’s legs were amputated due to a medical condition, he is far from helpless. “He’s not someone to mess with,” said his daughter, Nicco…..(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, PA, 01/03/11)

A couple in their sixties were awakened by loud, repeated banging on their apartment door. They went downstairs and the husband opened the door—and an intoxicated 28-year-old man pushed them aside and entered the home….. (Lansing State Journal, Lansing, MI, 02/05/11)

Upon having his slumber disturbed by the sound of breaking glass, a homeowner quickly retrieved his pistol. He walked down the hall and discovered two men forcing the front door open….. (The Times, Ottawa, IL, 01/21/11)

It was less than a year ago that Chicago’s government was forced to repeal many of its rights-infringing laws, and a southside resident recently joined the growing list of armed citizens owing their lives to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Hearing glass breaking in her basement, a 45-year-old got her handgun and confronted two intruders already inside the home….. (The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL, 02/21/11)

When 70-year-old Watson Green discovered a man attempting to break into his home late one evening, he immediately called 9-1-1 and got his handgun…..(KRQE-TV, Albuquerque, NM, 02/23/11)

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