An Auschwitz Borders Tour

The American Spectator : An Auschwitz Borders Tour.

Is President Obama using his European trip to pressure Israel to accept a peace deal based on the Jewish State’s pre-war borders? Days after the President claimed to be misunderstood it now appears that he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are backtracking on his previous backtrack and incredibly actually seeking support for a negotiated settlement based on what Abba Eban called “the Auschwitz borders” (because they left Israel vulnerable to extinction) and presumes that Israel will be forced to absorb hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Israel was born in the horrific shadow of the smoky pillar of Auschwitz and war smoldering Europe. It will never return to the 1967 borders obliterated by the Arab world’s arrogance and hatred. Come what may Israel will never act suicidally, will only advance and prosper.

Wikipedia – Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940–1945)

Selection on the Jewish ramp at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, May/June 1944. To be sent to the right meant labor; to the left, the gas chambers.

"Jews' Place of Wailing, 1844". (1860 engraving)

The iconic image of Israeli soldiers shortly after the capture of the Wall during the Six-Day War

Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel, Jerusalem Israel–Wikipedia

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