Declaration of Independence – An Expression Of The American Mind

A good article at The American Spectator about the sentiments in the colonies 235 years ago regarding independence and two relatively unknown but great American statesmen and their role in helping America take that momentous step and move into the future. The two men were Roger Sherman of Connecticut and Robert R. Livingston of New York. From a minor, upstart whelp of a nation, these men for many years helped America eventually “rank with the first powers of the world”.

We today owe our lives, liberty, pursuit of happiness and honor as we continue these founder’s actions.

Declaration of Admiration
By Quin Hillyer

As much as the American book-buying public has shown deep interest in the superstars of the nation’s founding period, too little attention has been paid to some of the other legislative workhorses and statesmen of the period, and too few lessons thus learned from their examples.
As we celebrate their handiwork and our freedom this weekend — as we exercise the rights to actively limit our government to doing only what is allowed by the “consent of the governed” — a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we live up the example those men set, so that we may be worthy of the legacy they bequeathed us. For us, this should be a matter of sacred honor.

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Morgan Freeman and Friends on the ever applicable Statutes of the Declaration of Indpendence

Declaration of Independence – Scene From the Movie John Adams

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