This Day In U.S.A. History – July 9

July 9, 1777 – American Revolution
Patriot Brigadier General George Clinton is elected the first governor of the independent state of New York. Veteran of French – Indian War, participant in the War of Independence, supplied Gen. Washington during winter at Valley Forge, noted hater of the Tories, a Founding Father and Signatory of the Declaration of Independence and future U.S. Vice President to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison begins long illustrious career in state and national politics.
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Revolutionary War cannon overlooking the site of the Valley Forge encampment


Landing of the USS Portsmouth in 1846

July 9, 1846 – Old American West
U.S. Occupies Settlement Of Yerba Buena In Mexican California – Coinciding with Mexican – American War and the Bear Flag Revolt a month previously, U.S. Captain John Montgomery sails into San Francisco Bay and takes without resistance the small pueblo of 450 souls. Four years later the small settlement grew to 36,000 people becaming the gateway for the California Gold Rush.
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California Historical Landmarks in San Francisco

Mission San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)

July 9, 1864 – American Civil War
Battle of Monacacy, Union Gen. Lew Wallace engages Confederate Gen. Jubal Early at Monacacy River in attempt to prevent Confederacy from attacking Washington D.C. – Subsequent events spell story of success of little known but desperate and key battle that gives Washington salvation from being directly drawn into war.

The Battle of Monocacy Summary & Facts | Civilwar.org.

14th New Jersey Monument. Erected in 1907

Music of America’s past and the Civil War >>


A people who do not know their history are rudderless in the face of the whims of the “well meaning” and gales of tyrants. What their ancestors gained by struggles and sorrows, and hoped to bequeath to their posterity will count for nothing. All will have to be fought for and learned once again.

Remember your history – it gives backbone to your future.


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