The American Story & Its Ancient Roots Needs To Be Told With Fresh Emphasis


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Bunker Hill, Boston - June 17, 1775

The stories of America’s past and the people and events that have made it great have been ebbing from the public mind for decades. These historical moments are no longer focused on by the news and entertainment industries, academia, even government agencies are silent about America’s defining moments and the historical foundations that support who we are.

Richard F. Miniter has offered a good article at American Thinker addressing the issue – Time For Once Upon A Time In America. He offers food for thought about who is in control of the current stories, the narrative about America, and how Conservatives have given up the ability to remind the nation of the real message of America’s greatness.

Page of 11th century Tanakh with Targum


For many years now America has been profoundly altering its culture, reordering its economy, and shedding individual liberties in response to inventive short stories told by liberal left-wing theorists. Yet, whenever one of these stories turns out to be a fairytale, as they all invariably do, we rarely back up and repair the damage.

Sad. But that’s the way events will continue to play out until conservatives finally understand that stories are not only the way people learn what to believe, but by and large they’re the only way. Even in the case of subjects one learns by rote, such as mathematics or piano-playing, you have to be telling yourself a story which makes you want to apply yourself to the task. It’s just the way the human mind works. It’s why the Bible has only ten rules but a thousand parables.


Roman Senate

The article is an insightful analysis of the importance of the “story” of America, the roots of that story, and why it is not fathomed nor easily adopted by other distinctly different cultures with their own long legacies and stories. Like it or not our, America’s story is that of the “Angle-ish” English speaking people wrestling for thousands of years with notions of Rights, Liberty, Morality and Social Stability that have roots threading back to Hebrew, Greek, Roman become distinctly Christian influences.


The Declaration of Arbroath

From the Torah and Tenakh, Greek’s logic, principles and philosophy, Roman form of law, government and organization, Middle Ages Germanic and Frankish Law (4th – 9th Century), Visgoth Forum Judicum (650) amongst many, the English Magna Carta (1215), the Scot’s Declaration of Arbroath (1320).

The City on a Hill – America and its Exceptionalism is as a natural course of events, deliberately built on no less sure bedrock.

The spirit, form and telling of our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution take their inspiration from a long legacy of vigorous thought and often sangunious struggle.

It is time to start retelling with fresh emphasis the Story of America and its greatness, and the long history of why it is so.


American Military Cemetery, Normandy, France


United States Declaration of Independence - Created June–July 1776 Ratified July 4, 1776


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