“Income inequality” – Will the private sector rise to the challenge?


An opportunity has just been emphasized by the President that the private sector should sieze upon and drive economic revitalization that government can never accomplish by its very nature. See CNN’s ‘Obama focuses State of the Union on income inequality’

In his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, Mr. Obama’s emphasis on ‘income inequality’ and raising taxes for the rich raises important issues.

Raising taxes on the rich will channel more money to government, enable government growth, and greater dependency on government by the most welfare prone and those who have the most influential lobbyists. Rather than taxing the rich in order for government to redistribute their wealth, shouldn’t we the private sector take on the mantle of helping America be innovative and discover ways to encourage and enable the lower and middle thirds of our society to be financially savvy, even entrepreneurial, starting small businesses and being self-dependent and inter-dependent on other private sector institutions. Big businesses and the super-rich could help sponsor educational programs to instruct, encourage and fund start-up and successful on-going efforts.


Various examples exist across the nation of private individuals picking themselves up after failure of the companies they worked for due to the current economic crises and investing in their own and community’s recovery. Some companies through altruism are investing in their communites for revitalization, jobs and prosperity.


  • Saving a Made-in-America business
  • The New England Shirt Company


  • From jobless to whoopie pies

  • Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup
  • The Zappos CEO is trading shoes for urban planning — and spending big bucks to rebuild downtown Las Vegas. Tony’s new book ‘Delivering Happiness’ Tony shows how a very different kind of corporate culture is a powerful model for achieving success — and how by concentrating on the happiness of those around you, you can dramatically increase your own.


    (See story videos below)

    This approach to putting America back to work is what the American Dream and the American Way has always been about, not depending on government to do for us what we can and should be doing for ourselves. We need a bottom up transformation, not top down – the latter is how we got where we are.

    Please, no more government help! We in Middle America are still trying to dig our way out on our own from the current crises of unequally weighted causes.


    Saving a Made-in-America business


    From jobless to whoopie pies


    Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup


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