Failing Marriages, The Middle Class And America’s Future


“The collapse of marriage among the lower
and lower-middle classes is rapidly
tapping our national strength.”


Mona Charen columnist and political analyst has written an excellent and revealing article published at various Conservative websites (Patriot Post and Townhall) addressing the disturbing trend of the lower and lower-middle classes abandoning marriage and avoiding developing functional, stable homes that benefit children, their development and long term well being. But given the 50% divorce rate in the general public, the collapsing institution of marriage represents a very real crises for the nation.


The toll is incalculable. In every way that social science can measure — school performance, drug abuse, unemployment, suicide, poverty, depression, dependence on government handouts, mental illness, violence, and far more — children raised by single parents (especially when their parents never married) are at a severe disadvantage. The failure to form families is devastating our schools, exacerbating inequality and diminishing happiness on a grand scale.


If we as a nation are going to reverse this trend, can we identify the factors that have caused the weakening of this vital institution in order to provide correction?

Is it the decreasing role in society of religion and its teachings about our duty to marry and create stable family units? Is there more emphasis in our schools for safe sex, experimentation and multiple sexual behaviors than for marriage and happy homes? What about our entertainment and news industries, do we see an emphasis there any different than what we see disseminated in our schools, made enchanting with the thrills of “sex in the city”, cheating in marriages and unhappy, wandering housewives? What of the government, both at a federal and state level, is there emphasis there on marriage and strong, happy families, or on safe sex, abortion and appreciation of anything-goes sexual behavior?


Where in our cultural landscape should we begin to rebuild the ancient institution of marriage for the benefit of our nation? It seems we don’t have to look too far, and it will first require careful planning, clearing away degrading garbage and bulldozing major man-made obstacles before starting construction.



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