This Day in History May 28, 1754 – French and Indian War – Threshold to Revolution: Young Lt. Col. George Washington defeats French recon party


In the first engagement of the war, Virginia militia under 22-year-old Lieutenant Colonel George Washington defeat a French reconnaissance party in the Battle of Jumonville Glen in what is now Fayette County in southwestern Pennsylvania.


The final Colonial War (1689-1763) was the French and Indian War, which is the name given to the American theater of a massive conflict involving Austria, England, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and Sweden called the Seven Years War. The conflict was played out in Europe, India, and North America. In Europe, Sweden , Austria, and France were allied to crush the rising power of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The English and the French battled for colonial domination in North America, the Caribbean, and in India. The English did ultimately come to dominate the colonial outposts, but at a cost so staggering that the resulting debt nearly destroyed the English government. It was that debt that caused the escalation of tensions leading to the Revolutionary War. Parliament was desperate to obtain two objectives; first, to tax the colonies to recover monies expended on the battle over North America, and second to restore the profitability of the East India Company in an effort to recover monies spent on the battle over India. Source USHistory.org, read more.

The French and Indian War was the American theater of the British French conflict in Europe. The debt of the war led the two nations to burden their peoples and colonists leading to the American and French Revolutions and furthered the dispossession of the Native Americans of their land. The French would become allies of the British colonists revolting against Britain. More

George Washington: The Soldier Through the French and Indian War




America remember and honor your history – it will give direction, purpose and security to your future.


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