Peter Marshall: A Prayer For The Nation

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To Thy glory was this Republic established. For the advancement of the Christian faith did the Founding Fathers give their life’s heritage, passed down to us.

We would pray that all over this land there may be a return to the faith of those men and women who trusted God as they faced the perils and dangers of the frontier, not alone in crossing the continent, in building their cabins, in rearing their families, in eking out a livelihood, but in raising a standard of faith to which men have been willing to repair down through the years.

Thou didst bless their efforts. Thou didst bless America. Thou hast made her rich. Wilt Thou also make her good?”

–Peter Marshall

Rev. Peter Marshall

Rev. Peter Marshall


Reverend Peter Marshall (1902-1949) was Chaplain of the United States Senate. He emigrated from Scotland to American in 1927. Reverend Marshall was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1931. The Prayers of Peter Marshall were edited by his wife beloved author Catherine Marshall. After Reverend Marshall’s death, she wrote his biography A Man called Peter. The warmth, great wisdom, and humanity of Peter Marshall shine through his prayers. He was a man on intimate terms with God his Creator and Redeemer. As Mrs. Marshall declared, when he prayed “he knew Christ was there, and he was somehow able to transmit that knowledge to the waiting congregation bowed before him.” His prayers before the Senate show a sincere honest concern for the basic virtues of honesty, integrity, and goodness of an individual, as well as a profound love for his adopted country America.
Source “The Prayers of Reverend Peter Marshall”.


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