This Day In U.S. History October 28, 1776 – Washington’s Fledgling Army Defeated At Battle Of White Plains, NY


Battle of White Plains Reenactment

Battle of White Plains Reenactment

This Day In U.S. History October 26, 1775 – Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness, The American Revolution: Early in the American Revolution George Washington’s Continental Army is compelled to retreat north of New York City after losing various engagements. On this day the Continental Army again faces defeat at the Battle of White Plains at the hands of British-Hessian forces. Washington and his men escape capture and two months later they remarkably turn the tables of destiny when Washington inspires his ragged and desperate forces across the Delaware River and delivers the Hessians a humiliating Christmas rout at the Battle of Trenton and gives a rousing boost of morale to the young nation.


This Day In U.S. History October 28, 1776 – Struggle for Independence – The American Revolution: Battle of White Plains – British Army forces arrive at White Plains, attack and capture Chatterton Hill from the Americans.

General George Washington

General George Washington


The Battle of White Plains was a battle in the New York and New Jersey campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought on October 28, 1776, near White Plains, New York. Following the retreat of George Washington’s Continental Army northward from New York City, British General William Howe landed troops in Westchester County, intending to cut off Washington’s escape route. Alerted to this move, Washington retreated farther, establishing a position in the village of White Plains but failed to establish firm control over local high ground. Howe’s troops drove Washington’s troops from a hill near the village; following this loss, Washington ordered the Americans to retreat farther north.

Later British movements chased Washington across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Washington then crossed the Delaware and surprised a brigade of Hessian troops in the December 26 Battle of Trenton. Read more….


White Plains Invasion

White Plains Invasion

Image: Leading up to the Battle of White Plains, on the 12th of October, British Gen. Howe embarked a large portion of his army in ninety flat-boats, and landed them on Throgg’s Neck, a low peninsula jutting out from the main of Westchester county. Source



A Brief History Of White Plains, New York

Harker Painting white plains


Timeline of the American Revolution – From the French-Indian War 1754-1763 to the Signing of The U.S. Constitution 1788.


America remember and honor your history – it will give direction, purpose and security to your future.


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