Legacy America has been created to encourage:

  • Deliberative conservative and traditional thought and discourse of the nature that has made America the greatest experiment in self government in human history,
  • And to ensure a continuation of that legacy as the Nation advances and changes in the future.

News, views and traditions relevant to America:

  • Promote an understanding and value for the Nation’s Founding Documents: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
  • Founding patriots and principles
  • American history
  • Preserving American liberties
  • Limited, accountable, transparent government
  • Free market, moral economics
  • Great Americans past and present
  • National sovereignty
  • National security
  • Secure borders
  • Military
  • Foreign policy
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Individual responsibility
  • Family and relationships
  • Social welfare
  • Civil discourse
  • Manners and mores
  • Faith and religion
  • Building community
  • Nature and conservation
  • Science and technology
  • Health and healing
  • Ancient conservative traditions in America
  • Second Amendment Rights and issues
  • American archeology
  • Foreign views of American issues
  • Good news, encouraging & uplifting

Webmaster: D. Robbins

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