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“America” the Trailer

A new movie “America” by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza emphasizing what is good about America, and taking head on the Progressive, liberal view that the U.S. is based on theft and plunder. The film is set to be released around July 4, 2014.

This Day In History – January 28

  Man is a history-making creature who can neither repeat his past nor leave it behind. ~W.H. Auden, The Dyer’s Hand           Medieval History 1521 – The Diet of Worms begins, lasting until May 25 The Diet of Worms 1521 (German: Reichstag zu Worms, [ˈʁaɪçstaːk tsuː ˈvɔɐms]) was a diet (a …

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This Day In History – December 11

  If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits. That is history to me! ~George Macaulay Trevelyan     Ancient History 361 – Julian the Apostate “The Last Pagan” enters Constantinople as sole Emperor of the …

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