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Jonathan Swift: The Steady Tyranny Of Law Over Rights

It is a maxim among lawyers that whatever hath been done before may be done again, and therefore they take special care to record all the decisions formerly made against common justice and the general reason of mankind. These, under the name of precedents, they produce as authorities to justify the most iniquitous opinions, and …

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This Day In U.S. History October 21, 1797 – The USS Constitution Is Launched – A Living Legend Still Sails

August 19, 1812

  1797 – TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO THE USS CONSTITUTION IS LAUNCHED THIS DAY, NAMED BY GEORGE WASHINGTON AFTER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION – A LIVING LEGEND   This Day In U.S. History October 21, 1797 – A Living Legend in the U.S. Navy: In Boston Harbor, the 44-gun United States Navy frigate USS …

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George Washington’s stark warning to future Americans


  George Washington’s stark warning to future Americans that the Constitution will not be able to save the Country if its people and leaders have corrupted morals. And where is America today?     “Should, hereafter, those incited by the lust of power and prompted by the supineness or venality of their constituents, overleap the …

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“Introduction to the Constitution”

  If you have an interest in learning more about the United States Constitution, its history, nature and relevance to America today, see the following announcement regarding a webcast series starting September 15, featuring Congressman Paul Ryan, columnist Charles Krauthammer, and members of the Hillsdale College faculty, sponserd by Hillsdale College, Spring Arbor, Michigan.   …

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