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Restoring America’s Constitution, Liberties & Prosperity

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. ‘Diagnosis Of America’s Health & Future’   Conservatives may not agree with a few of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s political positions, but are compelled to champion the majority. Few politicians have spoke out so vigorously for so long on these important issues. Regardless of who assumes the presidency in …

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An Auschwitz Borders Tour

The iconic image of Israeli soldiers shortly after the capture of the Wall during the Six-Day War

The American Spectator : An Auschwitz Borders Tour. Is President Obama using his European trip to pressure Israel to accept a peace deal based on the Jewish State’s pre-war borders? Days after the President claimed to be misunderstood it now appears that he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are backtracking on his previous backtrack …

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Underground Uprising In Egypt

Battle of the Pyramids, July 21, 1798, by François-Louis-Joseph Watteau.

There seems to be popular support from around the world including national leaders, even business minded Forbes is supporting regime change in Egypt. There may indeed be good reasons for change, but will the change that occurs be really beneficial for Egypt and its current allies in the Western world? Though it isn’t being widely …

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