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An Auschwitz Borders Tour

The iconic image of Israeli soldiers shortly after the capture of the Wall during the Six-Day War

The American Spectator : An Auschwitz Borders Tour. Is President Obama using his European trip to pressure Israel to accept a peace deal based on the Jewish State’s pre-war borders? Days after the President claimed to be misunderstood it now appears that he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are backtracking on his previous backtrack …

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Arizona gov. vetoes presidential birther bill


As Jan Brewer points out as one of the reasons she does not endorse the “birther” bill, it’s not a good precedent for a single person to vet presidential candidates, at the state or federal level. As a nation we’re running our elections a bit shoddily, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. All candidates of all political parties should be properly vetted officially.

States Flex Sovereignty

Maybe it is not surprising to see impertinent independence rise in the Lone Star State, State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst has introduced a bill that directs her state’s attorney general to conduct an investigation and report to the Legislature of how international treaties and agreements might affect Texas law.

Senator Calls ATF on Allegations Agency Is Allowing Guns Into Mexico –

Senator Calls ATF on Allegations Agency Is Allowing Guns Into Mexico – The truth please. An article today at Fox News reveals that Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has written a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) expressing concerns regarding weapons purchased in the U.S. being smuggled into Mexico. “Last Friday, …

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Underground Uprising In Egypt

Battle of the Pyramids, July 21, 1798, by François-Louis-Joseph Watteau.

There seems to be popular support from around the world including national leaders, even business minded Forbes is supporting regime change in Egypt. There may indeed be good reasons for change, but will the change that occurs be really beneficial for Egypt and its current allies in the Western world? Though it isn’t being widely …

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Good News: Pakistan’s ‘Mother Teresa’ saving flood victims


An inspiring story of a German nun who as a young girl escaped the horrors of WWII in East Germany, has served the helpless and forgotten in Pakistan for 50 years. “A tiny, frail lady – her silver grey hair tucked under a white head scarf with a red floral trim – stands defiantly at …

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Why Has The American Entertainment Industry Attempted For Decades To Degrade Young People?


Movies, music, concerts, video games: decades of sex, violence, alcohol/drug abuse, disrespect for family, parents, self, others and religion, broken lives. Should we be surprised at problems in society? Do other nations so deliberately degrade their populace? “Is MTV a purveyor of kiddie porn? The Parents Television Council wants to find out. The media watchdog …

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Government considering issuing Internet ID card required for all Americans


Take the time to read the following important alert about Federal government action being considered to monitor and record everything you do, sites visited, purchases, online banking, passwords, etc. This would be conducted with the Commerce Department and the Departement of Homeland Security. The sponsor of this message is the American Family Association a trusted …

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The Future: Worst Since 17th Century Financial Collapse?


Harry Schultz at 87, legendary character in the investment letter industry is signing off with some dire predictions for the US and global economy. He’s not the only knowledgeable person with a finger on the pulse of the financial world warning of future economic troubles. Hope for the best but hedge your bets and keep …

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The Bible: “The Salt Of The Earth” – Seasoning The English Language & Culture

200px-KJV-King-James-Version-Bible-first-edition-title-page-1611 (1)

Though it is read far less than it used to be, the Christian Bible in various translations such as the 400 year old King James version shaped and molded like no other book the language and culture of the English speaking people.

Don’t Forget ‘Replace’


Don’t Forget ‘Replace’
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
National Review Online

As Congress is debating repealing Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) more commonly known as ObamaCare, let’s remember to replace it with legislation that creates affordable, private (not government run) healthcare for all American citizens who want it.

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