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Oldest U.S. Survivor Of WWII Bataan Death March Takes His Leave

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Capt. Albert Brown

Albert Brown, the oldest survivor of the horrors of the World War II Bataan Death March and a Japanese war POW camp in 1942 in the Philippines passes on Sunday, August 14, 2011. “Doc” Brown was 105 and lived in Pinckneyville, Ill.

Within hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 the Japanese military attacked various targets throughout the Pacific including the Philippines. At the American and Filipino loss of the Battle of Bataan, the Imperial Japanese Army forcibly marched 75,000 prisoners of war 60 miles up the Bataan Peninsula.

At the time Albert Brown was a U.S. Army captain at the Battle of Bataan and was among those who survived the march.


Prisoners on the march from Bataan to the prison camp, May 1942. (National Archives).

The “march was characterized by wide-ranging physical abuse and murder, and resulted in very high fatalities inflicted upon prisoners and civilians alike by the Japanese Army, and was later judged by an Allied military commission to be a Japanese war crime.” —Wikipedia

Brown survived the brutal prisoner of war camp through a combination of an incredible spirit to live and overcome, resistance and dogged perseverance.


Doc’s story had as much relevance for today’s wounded warriors as it did for the veterans of his own era,” said Kevin Moore, co-author of the recently released “Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War: One Man’s True Story,” which details Brown’s experience.

“The underlying message for today’s returning veterans is that there’s hope, not to give in no matter how bleak the moment may seem,” added Moore, whose nephew just returned from military duty in Afghanistan. “You will persevere and can find the promise of a new tomorrow, much like Doc had found.”



Buffalo Bill Cody, circa 1875

An exemplar of the human spirit’s will to survive against all odds. ‘Doc’ Brown was a godson of Wild West folk hero “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

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