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This Day In U.S. History October 29, 1775 – American Privateer Vessels Set Sail From Cambridge MA To Patrol For Enemy Transports


    This Day In U.S. History October 29, 1775 – Struggle For Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness – The American Revolution: Four armed American vessels sail from Cambridge as part of a fleet created to cruise the coast in search of enemy transports carrying arms and provisions. Source “The American Revolution Day …

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This Day In History July 1, 1782 – American Revolution: Raid on Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


  After seven years of bitter war with the British the Americans do all they can to disrupt the British defenses and economy in Canada. In the last year of the American Revolution fighting takes place in Nova Scotia between American privateers and the inhabitants of Lunenburg   The Raid on Lunenburg (also known as …

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