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This Day In History October 17 – Three Remarkable Events In The History Of Liberty

  This Day In History October 17 – The History of Liberty – 539 BC Cyrus the Great captures Babylon releasing the Jews from 70 years of exile, 1777 the Battle of Saratoga British John Burgoyne surrenders his army to the Americans a turning point in the American Revolution, and 1781 British Gen. Cornwallis surrenders …

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This Day In History January 5, 1781 – Now traitor Benedict Arnold burns Richmond, Virginia to the ground

  This Day In History January 5, 1781: American Struggle For Independence And Self-Determination: Benedict Arnold captures and destroys Richmond, Virginia. Gen. Washington had warned the governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, of imminent invasion; nonetheless, Jefferson was ill-prepared and doubtful of initial reports that British ships were sailing into the Chesapeake Bay.       …

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Be Silent And The Rocks Will Cry Out

  ‘2016: Obama’s America’ to Screen at Churches Before DVD Release In possible defiance of an IRS code, churches are licensing a movie critical of Obama and showing it to their congregants.       A hit documentary film challenging President Obama will be screened in tax-exempt churches, whether the IRS likes it or not. …

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B-17 Flying Fortress – “Aluminum Overcast”

  Aluminum Overcast – B-17 Flying Fortress Some great photographs of a restored B-17 Flying Fortress. The photographs are offered by Bernard Zee at his website, and are of the B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” on the 2011 tour of the aircraft in Hayward, California. There are over 70 photographs of the aircraft in flight, on the …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Liberty Song’ – 1768

  Spirit & Heritage In Song is a series highlighting Traditional American Music. In the last half century many of these traditional songs have been forgotten in a flood of contemporary music and international cultural influences. Yet these songs, ballads, melodies and hymns reflect the events, cultural backgrounds, aspirations, land and faith that make up …

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This Day In History – October 18

  There will always be a connection between the way men contemplate the past and the way in which they contemplate the present. —Henry Thomas Buckle (24 November 1821 – 29 May 1862) was an English historian.         Ancient History 1009 – The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Destroyed The Holy Sepulchre a Christian church in Jerusalem, …

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This Day In History – September 24

    If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development. —Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great.       September 24, 787 – Medieval History Second Council of Nicaea The Second Council of Nicaea is regarded …

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Economic Freedom Of The World – U.S. Ranking Falls

    The Cato Institute has just released an informative report on economic freedom in the world. A question that emerges from the data, how does growth of government influence economic freedom? Here’s the answer. The foundations of economic freedom are personal choice, voluntary exchange, and open markets. As Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, and Friedrich …

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How Civilizations Die

    How does the health and vitality of a culture influence its longevity? A wide variety of cultural facets foster growth and stability, or contribute to its demise: form of government, taxation, financial system, commerce, incentives for growth and production, agriculture, health care, diet, science, the family unit, roles of gender, commonly accepted sexual …

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George Washington’s stark warning to future Americans


  George Washington’s stark warning to future Americans that the Constitution will not be able to save the Country if its people and leaders have corrupted morals. And where is America today?     “Should, hereafter, those incited by the lust of power and prompted by the supineness or venality of their constituents, overleap the …

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“Introduction to the Constitution”

  If you have an interest in learning more about the United States Constitution, its history, nature and relevance to America today, see the following announcement regarding a webcast series starting September 15, featuring Congressman Paul Ryan, columnist Charles Krauthammer, and members of the Hillsdale College faculty, sponserd by Hillsdale College, Spring Arbor, Michigan.   …

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This Day In History – August 21

Follow ‘This Day In History’ During Weekdays At FACEBOOK Legacy-America August 21, 1754 – American Revolution Bloody Ban Tarleton born in Britain Banastre Tarleton is born as the fourth child of John Tarleton, the former lord mayor of Liverpool, and a money lender, merchant and slave trader. After completing his education at Oxford, Tarleton became …

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History & Spirit In Song – “My Country Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Of Liberty” – 1831

My Country 'Tis of Thee. ca 1861. Music Division, Library of Congress

MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE –Samuel Francis Smith, 1831   Although we know that Reverend Samuel Francis Smith wrote the words to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (also known as “America”), the origin of the song’s melody remains a mystery. And the history of its verses is even more complex. Read more at the Library …

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This Day In History – July 31

Abba Kovner with members of the Fareynikte Partizaner Organizatsye

July 31, 1777 – American Revolution Marquis de Lafayette becomes a major-general without pay A 19-year-old French aristocrat, Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, accepts a commission as a major-general in the Continental Army—without pay. Young marquis escapes from prison to sail to the Americas to join the grand adventure to …

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“State Of The Union” – Stranger In The House

albany_congress_70678_1 (Medium)

A good reminder of where America is at this moment in history. A short, thought provoking song “State of the Union” about a Stranger in the House. The words mentioned in the song really are there above the speaker’s rostrum in the United States Capitol Building – click here for a larger view of the …

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The American Story & Its Ancient Roots Needs To Be Told With Fresh Emphasis

United States Declaration of Independence - Created June–July 1776 Ratified July 4, 1776

      The stories of America’s past and the people and events that have made it great have been ebbing from the public mind for decades. These historical moments are no longer focused on by the news and entertainment industries, academia, even government agencies are silent about America’s defining moments and the historical foundations …

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This Day In U.S.A. History – July 10

The dome of St. Paul's Cathedral (undamaged) stands out among the flames and smoke of surrounding buildings during heavy attacks of the German Luftwaffe on December 29, 1940 in London, England. (AP Photo/U.S. Office of War Information)

July 10, 1777 – American Revolution – British General Richard Prescott Embarrassingly Captured Second Time By Patriots – Whisked Away In Nightgown In Dead Of Night British General Richard Prescott captured in Rhode Island — History.com This Day in History     British General Richard Prescott Privateers and Mariners in the Revolutionary War Naval operations …

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Declaration of Independence – An Expression Of The American Mind


A good article at The American Spectator about the sentiments in the colonies 235 years ago regarding independence and two relatively unknown but great American statesmen and their role in helping America take that momentous step and move into the future. The two men were Roger Sherman of Connecticut and Robert R. Livingston of New …

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This Day In History – Operation Overlord – D-Day

D-day assault routes into Normandy

“We will accept nothing less than full victory.” The words, the solemn promise gave bedrock grounding to General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s speech at the onset of the invasion of Normandy, June 6, 1944. The German Third Reich had overrun continental Europe enslaving millions under a fascist regime that undermined the very foundation of Western Civilization. …

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Faith And Freedom

Israel's Escape from Egypt

What does Western Civilization, slavery-freedom, Easter, Passover, deliverance from plagues and sin by a Paschal Lamb and the swirl of events in ancient Egypt have in common now thousands of years into human history?

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