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“Lord of the Flies” Becoming Stark Reality?

lordoftheflies 2

What’s happing to young people in America? What discourages or at minimum what does not contribute to the basest behavior being expressed by human beings? Do we need more secularism, American Idol, reality shows, violent video games, sexual confusion pandered by the MSM and “educators” to benefit youth? We long ago outlawed the Bible, prayer …

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Liberty! The American Revolution

Liberty! The American Revolution One of the best researched and developed history docu-dramas depicting the events that led to the birth of the American Revolution and the Republic. A re-enactment of well known events as well as private moments that shaped the people and the future of the nation – the challenges, uncertainties, hopes, fears, …

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Why Has The American Entertainment Industry Attempted For Decades To Degrade Young People?


Movies, music, concerts, video games: decades of sex, violence, alcohol/drug abuse, disrespect for family, parents, self, others and religion, broken lives. Should we be surprised at problems in society? Do other nations so deliberately degrade their populace? “Is MTV a purveyor of kiddie porn? The Parents Television Council wants to find out. The media watchdog …

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