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Spirit & Heritage In Song – “Whiter Than Snow” c. 1872

  Spirit & Heritage In Song is a series highlighting Traditional American Music. In the last half century many of these traditional songs have been forgotten in the crush of contemporary music and international cultural influences. Yet these songs, ballads, melodies and hymns reflect the events, cultural backgrounds, aspirations, land and faith that make up …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Trust And Obey’ – 1886

    Trust And Obey During the latter quarter of the 19th century the United States was caught up in a period of social and religious change. The wrenching War Between the States was twenty years in memory, the nation was going through a period of mending, healing and improving itself. What is known as …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – Star Spangled-Banner – 1814

    Star-Spangled Banner History of the music The Battle For The Soul Of America Independence In The Balance   The year was 1814, and barely 30 years after the end of the Revolutionary War the United States was again at conflict with the British Empire. The reasons America declared war were for several reasons, …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Slumber My Darling’ – 1862

  Slumber My Darling A beautiful old American lullaby written by Stephen Foster in the midst of the American War Between The States. A song of devotion, compassion, tenderness and protection, apt for that era of turmoil in American history.   Stephen Collins Foster (July 4, 1826 – January 13, 1864), known as the “father …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing’ – 1758

  Both the words and music are of English authors. But the song has been a favorite of generations of Americans drawn by the song’s expression of longing for God’s presence, forgiveness of sin, fount of “every blessing”.     Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing ..is a Christian hymn written by the 18th century …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Simple Gifts’ – 1848

A lovely early American song inspired from the communal, agrarian culture of the utopian minded Shaker religious sect. Performed as a vocal and instrumental as both hymn and secular music evoking a desire for simplicity in spirit and life. The song has been an inspiration for many classical and folk musicians including Aaron Copland, Judy …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘Hard Times Come Again No More’ – 1854

  This old song written in the American antebellum period reflects the turmoil that roiled the nation preceding the Civil War. From the growing differences and violence between the states over slavery and abolition, the crush and natural conflict of European and Asian immigrants on the East and West coasts, disrupted homes and families unsettled …

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Heritage & Spirit In Song – ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ – 1873

Anna Spafford

A piece of American music that has given voice to the heartache of millions worldwide who have suffered life’s travails and losses, at the same time offering the balm of trust in God and of seeing lost loved ones again in eternity.   “It Is Well with My Soul” is a very influential hymn penned …

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History & Spirit In Song – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrows – 1913

    Apropos In These Unsettled & Uncertain Days – And Not Unpredictable Black Swans   “Man of Constant Sorrow” is a traditional American folk song first recorded by Dick Burnett, a partially blind fiddler from Kentucky. The song was originally recorded by Burnett as “Farewell Song” printed in a Richard Burnett songbook, c. 1913. …

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For The Beauty Of The Earth


A beautiful and stirring old hymn – For The Beauty Of The Earth
Written by Folliott Sandord Peirpoint

“My Country Tis Of Thee” – A National Heritage

AMERICA – SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY We Americans don’t often enough hear nor sing this song, nor consider the purpose the author Samuel F. Smith had in writing it in 1831. Michael Fraley at the American Thinker has offered a good article regarding the author, content and purpose of the song. He also addresses the …

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American Treasure: The Franz Family


The following is the beginning of a series where outstanding and talented people and groups who contribute positively to America’s unique cultural heritage will be highlighted as American Treasure. You may not be a fan of Bluegrass, but here’s an example of a very talented and hardworking American family that plays their own interpretation of …

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