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How Civilizations Die

    How does the health and vitality of a culture influence its longevity? A wide variety of cultural facets foster growth and stability, or contribute to its demise: form of government, taxation, financial system, commerce, incentives for growth and production, agriculture, health care, diet, science, the family unit, roles of gender, commonly accepted sexual …

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This Day In History – September 11

  History must be written of, by and for the survivors. Anonymous   Ancient Rome – The Ludi Romani – ‘Roman Games’ In Full Swing – 51 A.D. Ancient History – Louis I, the Pious Succeeds His Father French King Charlemagne – 814 Independence War – The Battle of Brandywine – Patriots Defeated But Unbroken …

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Government Failure: A Primer in Public Choice


Government Failure: A Primer in Public Choice | Gordon Tullock, Arthur Seldon, and Gordon L. Brady | Cato Institute. Read the free e-book version of Government Failure below. Available for a limited time only. Politicians often cite “market failure” as justification for meddling with the economy, but a group of leading scholars show the shortcomings …

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As The State Expands Liberty Wanes – Who Foots The Bill?


A brief but good article at the Daily Bell by Dr. Tibor Machan regarding the statist morass that underlies the current national budget crises -The Story of Entitlement Addiction.

Underground Uprising In Egypt

Battle of the Pyramids, July 21, 1798, by François-Louis-Joseph Watteau.

There seems to be popular support from around the world including national leaders, even business minded Forbes is supporting regime change in Egypt. There may indeed be good reasons for change, but will the change that occurs be really beneficial for Egypt and its current allies in the Western world? Though it isn’t being widely …

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