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This Day In U.S. History November 1, 1765 – Taxes & Tyranny, The Forging Of A Nation: The Stamp Act Is Levied On The Colonies

    1765 – Liberty born of taxation without representation. Ten years before the outbreak of the American Revolution Britain’s Parliament enacts the Stamp Act without counsel or consent from the American Colonies, fomenting meetings and protests – the Son’s Of Liberty are born. The Stamp Act would be one of the first taxes and …

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Spirit & Heritage In Song – ‘American Taxation’ – 1765

  Spirit & Heritage In Song is a series highlighting Traditional American Music. In the last half century many of these traditional songs have been forgotten in a flood of contemporary music and international cultural influences. Yet these songs, ballads, melodies and hymns reflect the events, cultural backgrounds, aspirations, land and faith that make up …

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